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Free Patch Sticker on all orders over $30!

Pull Patch Tagtrac - Vertical

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100% Velcro® Compatible

Meet the Pull Patch Tagtrac — not just a tag, but a smart way to showcase your patches and keep tabs on your gear:

  • Smart Design: Features a special slot for an Apple AirTag or other RFID trackers, blending tech with practicality.
  • Patch Ready: Compatible with any 2” x 3” Pull Patch, perfect for personalizing and displaying your style on keyrings, bags, and more.
  • Versatile: Easily attaches to anything with a ring or eyelet, from dog collars to backpacks and golf bags.
  • Secure & Durable: Comes with a robust nylon tag, a secure wire fastener, and an eyelet to ensure your Tagtrac stays put.

Why This Tag?

Whether you’re tracking your keys or flashing your flair, the Tagtrac is your ultimate accessory. Lose the worry, not your stuff, and look good doing it!

Compact Size: Each Tagtrac is perfectly sized at 3" x 2" — large enough to notice but compact enough to fit anywhere.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted with our premium Pull Patch Loop (soft) on both sides, this tag is primed for any Velcro®-compatible patches, showcasing your personal flair.

Versatility Included: Every Tagtrac comes with a carabiner, key ring, and wire fastener, making it easy to secure to luggage, sports bags, laptop bags, or your keys.

Instant Use: It arrives ready with a US Flag patch and a Pull Patch logo patch, so you can start tagging and tracking right away.

Whether you’re attaching it to your travel gear, sports equipment, or everyday carry, the Tagtrac keeps your items identified and in style. Tag it, track it, never lose it!

Want to keep your Tagtrac looking as sharp as your patches? Just follow these easy steps:

  • Chill Out: Hand wash it in cold water — think of it as giving your Tagtrac a cool dip in the pool.
  • Air It Out: Let it air dry; it prefers sunbathing over a tumble in the dryer.
  • Skip the Extras: Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Your Tagtrac likes to keep it simple.
  • No Irons Allowed: Don't even think about ironing. It’s already smooth enough!

Keep your Tagtrac fresh and funky without the fuss. Clean it right, and it’ll stick by your stuff, come rain or shine!

Pull Patch Tagtrac: Find & Flaunt



What sizes do your patches come in?

All our patches have been crafted to fit just right, measuring 3 inches in width by 2 inches in height. This standard sizing ensures they're a great fit for a wide variety of items, from hats to gear, giving each piece a personalized touch.

How do I attach and remove the patches?

Attaching your Pull Patch is as simple as pressing it onto any compatible loop surface. To remove, gently peel it off. Our high-quality fasteners ensure a secure fit that's also easy to update whenever you fancy a change.

Can I attach these patches to any surface?

Our patches are designed with hook and loop fasteners, making them ideal for attaching to any surface that supports VELCRO® loop fasteners. Whether it's your favorite hat, jacket, or backpack, if it's got a loop surface, you're all set for a perfect patch-up!

Can I make my own custom patches?

Absolutely! Your creativity deserves the spotlight. If you’re ready to bring your unique vision to life, head over to our custom patch page. There, you'll find all the details you need to start designing your personalized patches. Just click, upload, and submit—we’ll take care of the rest. Ready to create something truly one-of-a-kind? Visit our custom patch page and let your creativity run wild!

How can I make custom patches with my own design?

Ready to see your design on a patch? We've made it simple. Just upload your artwork directly on our custom patch landing page, and we'll transform it into a wearable piece of art. Don't have a design ready? No problem! We recommend partnering with Mau on For just $10, Mau will craft a custom patch design tailored to your vision. Once you have your design, return to our site to upload and order your custom patches. Start your custom patch journey with Mau on Fiverr and then upload your design here to bring it to life!

How many designs and colors do you offer?

We pride ourselves on a rainbow of options, featuring thousands of designs spanning various colors and fun sayings. Our vibrant, fade-resistant prints ensure there's a patch—or several—to express every personality and passion.

How do I care for my patches?

Keeping your patches pristine is a breeze! Feel free to toss them into the washing machine with a mild detergent for a thorough clean. Just remember, when it comes to drying, they prefer a breath of fresh air. Lay them flat to air dry. This way, your patches will maintain their bold colors and secure fastening, ready for their next adventure with you.

What if I’m not satisfied with my patch?

We aim for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. If a patch doesn't quite match your expectations, we welcome returns or exchanges within a specified period, provided the patches are returned in their original condition. Check our return policy for all the details.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Mark T.
Clever idea

Very good way to attach a Itag to my range bags. Only downside is it’s not thick enough. It’s a little obvious it’s not just patches.

Logan C.

Holds 2 patches securely that I can switch as often as I'd like

Sean C.
Great solution

Great solution to my patch-less bags, seems well made and came with all the hardware I needed to attach.

Christopher C.
The perfect key ring!

Great product. Quality built and love the ability to charge it up often with the variety of patches available.

Daniel S.
(Almost) perfect

Despite the correct documentation on email etc, the content contained the incorrect material- well it was 50/50. “What’s meant for you will find you when the time is right” was substituted with something else (even the review below shows the right material but that’s not what I received). Given the expense of shipping I didn’t report it. In any event the quality was good.

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