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Free Patch Sticker on all orders over $35!
Free Patch Sticker on all orders over $35!

Custom Removable Patches FAQs

How Do I Customize My Patch?

Pull Patch makes it simple to create your own patch, and/or patch and hat combination, unique to any company/brand, event, team, church, school, organization or fundraiser. We offer a wide selection of patches with different types of graphics, color choices, and fonts to make the perfect patch creation for your specific needs. If you don’t already have a finalized design to use, we recommend that you start browsing our Pull Patch selection for ideas and inspiration.

How Do I Choose A Custom Pull Patch And Hat Combo?

Pull Patch offers over 70 different authentic Snapback cap styles to choose from. All Pull Patch hats have our brand’s authentic hook and loop fasteners. Each patch is designed with a built-in hook backing which secures the patch to the hat’s loop surface. All premium quality hats offer unsurpassed durability and a comfortable, secure fit. View our Hats selection to see all the styles and colors we offer, which can easily be added to your custom order.

What Are Some Tips For Creating A Custom Pull Patch Design?

Once you have chosen the text, logo and/or graphic that you wish to customize for your patch order, upload and attach your design file to our online Custom Patches Page. Our designers may send you back the final design to approve before production begins. 

More Tips For Custom Designs:

  • When entering text, please double-check all spelling. We do not proofread spelling and will produce lettering exactly as it is presented.
  • Pull Patches are designed horizontally (3” wide by 2” tall), therefore, a graphic that is tall and narrow will not accommodate the patch layout.
  • Due to size, text character count is limited. The more text you include, the smaller it will appear on the patch. Additionally, making your design too wordy may fail to get your message across. If you want your graphic to be the focal point of your design, we recommend that you put minimal text above OR below the graphic.
  • Graphic size may be adjusted to accommodate the space needed to fit all the text.

How Do I Know If My Design Will Be Compatible As A Pull Patch?

Our design team has years of experience creating customized patches. Your design will be individually setup by one of our in-house designers and reviewed before it goes to production. You may be contacted with any recommended improvements if the designer feels that any part of your design will not be displayed properly. If we make changes we won't produce your item until you have been given a chance to understand the changes we recommend; however, you reserve the right to make the final decision on how you want your custom patch to look. If you do not respond after two messages we will proceed with the custom patch production.

Are There Any Restrictions For Custom Orders?

Due to licensing and copyright laws, Pull Patch reserves the right to limit certain customization requests. We will not produce items that include names, images, text or slogans that are trademarked or copyrighted. Pull Patch also reserves the right to decline any order containing vulgar, profane, or inappropriate material. 

How Much Does Customization Cost?

Pricing and setup fees are determined by the customization of the patch design  and if hats are being combined with your order. Please note that all pricing is subject to change.

  • Customized Pull Patches start at $12.99 Each + Tax & Shipping

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Custom Orders?

No. The minimum quantity is 1 Pull Patch for each custom patch order.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Custom Orders?

The turnaround time from when your final design is approved to when your order ships is approximately 5 business days. We kindly ask that that you order a few days early to plan for any unforeseen delays that could arise. For quantities of 100 or more, please contact us for timeframe details. We don't ever want to overpromise and underdeliver to our fantastic customers!