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ANDY WILLINGER is an artist and landscape photographer originally from New York City. As the son of a Madison Avenue Creative Director and the stepson of a photojournalist, he was raised to appreciate the importance of visual style and meaningful storytelling. Andy studied at Boston University, earning a B.S. Degree in Broadcasting & Film. While there, he honed his skills as a writer, filmmaker, photographer, musician and club DJ. Andy also worked as an assistant for top magazine photographers in Manhattan. He moved to Los Angeles in 1990, where he fell in love with the capacious horizons of the desert and the sea. While enjoying a successful career in Television, Andy has been a devoted explorer of the delicate beauty and unforgiving desolation of the American Southwest.

His book of photographs, Desert Oblivion: Ruins of the American Southwest, was published by Blurb Press in 2017, and is available at Amazon.com. For more information, visit www.andywillinger.com